MNSU Department of Art - Part 1

  • Department of Art - Part 1
    This is a promotional booklet for Minnesota State University of Mankato's Department of art. With only a Curriculum Guide to offer interested students, MNSU wanted another way to help students reaffirm their choice of joining their department of art.
    Having graduated from that department myself I wanted to create an identity that could relate to artists in a personal level as well as engage them. although all artist are different, our common roots start by the sketchbook. for the same reason, I designed a booklet to resemble those themes through illustrations while expressing the joys of pursuing the world of art at MNSU.
  • Page exerpts from the booklet
  • The ink from the metal plate (top) being offset to the rubber blanket (below), which then gets pressed onto the paper.
  • The finished run of 1000 2-color covers for the Art Promo booklet waiting to be cut and saddle stitched to the interior pages.
  • Left over pages include prompts to encourage readers to sketch or take notes on the blank pages.