Manifest Justice

  • Manifest Justice was a creative, community exhibition that elevated the ongoing conversation of race, implicit bias, and lack of access to comprehensive healthcare in our country, specifically in low income areas.
  • Throughout history artists have lent their creative expression to new ideas in culture and politics, combining innovation with arts greatest strength—its ability to transcend boundaries and make an impact without relying solely on language. With their unique ability to distill complex issues and emotions, artists have given voice to millions with the stroke of a brush, the strum of a guitar, or the click of a shutter. They help us imagine what is possible and inspire radical dreaming. And when artists and activists come together, when creativity is engaged as an organizing tool, real solutions emerge. Creativity is the touchstone for innovation and change.
  • Manifest Justice was producted by TaskForce, Revolve Impact, and Big Bowl of Ideas and presented by Sons and Brothers from the California Endowment and Amnesty International’s Art for Amnesty