Old Fade Bastard Barbershop

  • Client : Old Fade Bastard 
    Project : Visual Identity
    Year : 2015 
    I was asked to build an Identity project in which consisted in the elaboration of a custom lettering and monogram for a brand new gentlemen's barbershop.The creation of the lettering was challenging in the sense that the name it's composed by three words and in the end it becomes quite extensive, fourteen letters to be exact, for this very reason  it was developed a monogram for the vertical applications of the brand, nevertheless the aim was to try to achieve a trendy look without losing that classic touch which is so characteristic in this type of business.
    Old Fade Bastard portrays the environment of an old-fashioned barber shop combining it with current trends, all in a space of your choice combining a number of services related to haircut and beard in a surrounding environment of a nostalgic Era and getting the old male ritual of going to the barber now much simpler and affordable. OFB attitude for today's man!
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