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    More and more the pressure of big cities has developed into less time and the necessity of bigger achievements. With this scenario, it was predictable that people would, eventually, grow apart from personal life cares that needed more attention to be well executed, such as a healthy diet.

    The technologic age that we’re living supported people to create an infinite number of platforms that can help any person to achieve specific goals. Why not create a platform that can help people to take care of feeding themselves right, providing feedback of their current status and goal-achievement?

    Providing daily feedback, the development of the app had it’s emphasis generated by original insight. Always reminding the user specifically when and what to eat, it’s purpose was to become a reference source to a healthier eating. Nutrieduc then find it’s most fitting solutions as an app than can help the user to eat necessary food types and teach more about them. The revolutionary interface solution makes possible to share any user current diet status and share it with his assigned nutritionist, cardiologist, endocrinologist or any doctor, becoming a monitoring channel reachable at any time.

    brand solution/
    The project was developed to recreate the brand’s original identity into something that could visually round-up the app functionality, providing a minimalistic and functional brand element. The typography was created exclusively to Nutrieduc, the modularity, flow and visual continuance were based in the original logo to create a connect identity troughout all of it’s elements.

    In 2016, Nutrieduc conquered a 250% growth thanks to micro financial contributions made after the project of re-design of the brand. In addition, the app had a 64% increase of downloads, approximately, when compared to the some period of the previous year.