Schweiz Picture-book

  • Recently having spent a fair amount of time exploring and working in Switzerland, I've been fortunate enough to capture the vibrant culture, and magnificent scenery of this beautiful country through the lens.
    Quite an assortment of images soon built, which provided the basis for the concept of this picture-book. Excecuted using international style, the books design stays true to the place the content orginates.

    The cover photograph is one of my favourites from the images I'd captured; and it's funny, as this is not the picture I shot for! It was purely accidental. If you look to the bottom edge of the photograph, a woman, in-focus, can be partially seen. The image I had intended to photograph was the profile of the woman, but as the shutter released, a child frightened a few dozen pigeons into flight, consiquently obscuring the portrait. Henri Cartier-Bresson, a very influencial photojournalist of mine, coined the term, the decisive moment, a fitting statement for this image.
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