• Challenges
    MTV stopped airing music videos as other sources to view them emerged over the years. More people started downloading music online for free and using youtube to watch unlimited music videos, causing difficulty in making business out of music videos to help sell albums for artists. In response to this, MTV received complaints from the 80’s and 90’s kids who missed the old times when MTV just played music videos all day. However, when the music videos were brought back to accommodate this, viewership was very low. Looking at these trends, the major challenge for MTV is to gather the interest of teenagers and young adults to the hundreds of MTV channels available internationally.
    Disney–ABC Television Group manages all of The Walt Disney Company’s Disney and ABC-branded television properties. The group includes the ABC Television Network (including ABC Daytime, ABC Entertainment and ABC News divisions), as well as Disney’s 50% stake in A&E Television Networks and its 80% controlling stake in ESPN, Inc. 
    TBS, Inc. operates worldwide news, entertainment, sports, animation, sitcoms, young adult and kids media networks and related businesses that are leaders in their respective industry segments.
    Target Audience
    MTV’s classification of audience is reformers as the shows shown on MTV portray social awareness, freedom of restriction, and tolerance of complexity. 
    Target audiences are teenagers and young adults. MTV shows generally focus on what teenagers might find entertaining in our modern culture. Core MTV audience range from 15 to 34 years of age, covering all walks of life within that group. Typical viewers are youthful, mobile, explorers, adventurers, and unique experience seekers.
    The marketing strategy is to attack its old self by saying, “DIE MTV. DIE. THIS IS MY MTV.” It tells the old MTV to die which can be a dramatic approach to any brand. No brand will ever tell itself to die. But by doing this, the brand now represents a new MTV. At first, the poster was going to say “FUCK MTV, THIS IS MY MTV” but the new quote made a more powerful and bold statement while taking out unnecessary profanities. The sketches of the poster shown still reflects the old quote, as seen by the numerous drawings of the word “FUCK”. I do apologize for the presence of this unpleasant word, it is only meant for design purposes. Please do not be offended by it.
    Logo Analysis
    The new MTV logo is made with the font helvetica but modified to better cater to its audience. This B-line brand called “My MTV” is a new concept being introduced to seek new form of entertainment. The logo has a big M symbol, created by a combination of M and Y to symbolize “My”, and a smaller MTV encryption on the top right side of the symbol. “My MTV” comes from the idea that one can customize their own MTV. The 3D feature echoes from the original logo to get the MTV vibe but modified to get the contemporary and youthful look. This simple look allows for any artist to decorate and to use it as a symbol. The primary font used was helvetica to give the sense of mainstream and friendliness. The secondary font used for text and headlines was futura.
  • Installation
    This installation gives an experimental welcome to the guest. It was designed to make you feel youthful and mainstream. It also represents a open studio of a radio station with the lightbox that lights up when you go live on the show. Everything during the installation was precisely chosen and built. The concept of this installation was to give the host the feeling of being at home by recreating a portion of their room. To give the static feeling, a repetition of the MTV poster was spray mounted onto the walls. The color of the paint was personally customized and selected from a professional paint manufacturer. The challenge of the setup was installing the lightbox because it plays an important role in the brand. To get the lightbox made by a professional, it cost about 500 dollars which was a high cost for a student. So I decided to build it on my own. The box was actually made using a frame called “shadow box” which can be found in many frame stores. Although it wasn’t the exact size I wanted, it was close enough. Then I took off the glass on the frame and replaced it with a white acrylic. I went to a sign maker and printed out a vinly version of my logo then laid that onto my white acrylic. The lightbox was then spray painted with the personalized paints. I saved over 400 dollars by personally building the lightbox. The huge installation was set up in room 203 in ACCD (Art Center College of Design) and the process was recorded for design reference. The walls were built with a wood called chipboard which cost about 6 dollars a piece at Home Depot. Then I had to buy other materials such as 2x4 woods to support the walls and nails. The service department at Home Depot helped me out with the materials I needed.  The set up of the walls was completed with the help of my brother and cousins. My uncle was a painter and constructor so he brought along his sons to help him out. Modification to the installation, such as the screen being on the table and not hung on the wall, was performed for safety reasons.
  • When you turn off the light, the MTV light box turns on, like the red “on-air” light boxes you see at a radio station. It symbolizes the availability of our shows, regardless of day or night.
    Brand New Website 
    Are you sick of watching the same shows by the same people? Then this concept is the ideal entertainment for you. This website is a personalized channel just for you, where you can create your own TV show or watch any shows that you want, ranging from talk shows, cook shows, make-up tutorials to garage concerts. To get a better understanding, it is like watching clips on youtube but instead of having to edit the video, everything is raw and done live. Through this website, you can become famous and get paid for your own shows, all at the convenience of your spare time. In the show, you can do whatever you want to do like discussing interesting worldly issues with your viewers or simply sharing your daily lives to your audience. As you are recording/watching your show live on the website, there will be a chat box on the side where you can interact with your viewers/host. This concept was inspired by a Korean program called the “Afreeca TV” which is a famous online video streaming site where you get paid by the amount of viewers. 
  • Miniature installation 
    Since the original exhibition installation was taken down, I wanted to make something that I could carry around to give a visual respresentation of the installation that I made. I created this minature exhibition using MDF wood and applied paint/print over it.
  • If you put your phone against the left side wall of the lightbox with your flashlight on then the miniature lightbox will light on. This is because when the light is flashed onto the side of the pole, photons are transferred into the pole which illuminates across the entire rod.