i miss everything and nothing all at once | Editorial

  • "i miss everything and nothing all at once" – a hypothetical exhibition, focused on "nostalgia". It is curated and designed by duy dao in 2015. 
    the catalogue is a record and proof that the exhibition existed. it also works as a sequence of spaces and visual language of the event. in other words, the catalogue acts as the exhibition in printed form. 
    the exhibition produces a limited edition package. the package includes one box, nine posters, follows with a four-hundred-and-sixteen-pages catalogue. 
    the catalogue is divided into five parts.
    _part one: works of two directors in film-still form.
    _part two: foreword and table of content.
    _part three: interviews and essays.
    _part four: biography, index of the exhibition and lists of artists' works.
    _part five: works of five photographers and two authors.
    the concept of the design is simple. in my point of view, memories are complex. by dividing the content into parts, the book works as a whole, each individual symbolizes a piece of memory.
    nostalgia is form by life experiences. we miss thing that passed our life. we grow up, these invisible feelings will fade away. our visual of time and events in the past will get blurry. no more details.
    so when we see other people's experiences, we get influenced, we find ourself there, to what we believe in our own past. that's the push to discover who we are.
    in this exhibition, it's my own nostalgia. it's also my audience's nostalgia. personal and intimate works of nine artists. cinematography, photography and literature. 
    i believe that we can always find some bondings with other people's secret and memories.
    let all the emotions be found by a curious soul.
                                                                                                                                                                        grid breakdown
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