Anticancer informational web portal. Identity

  • This is the idea of an informational portal for those who would like to know more about cancer, healthy life and how to help themselves and their family.

    The aim of the project is to create concepts, advertising and graphic support of the social and information portal for cancer patients all over the world, their relatives and friends and a wider audience interested in the problem.
    Social function: the implementation of the project would reduce the level of morbidity and even mortality from cancer due to the increasing number of people more informed and caring more about their health.​​​​​​​

    The main idea of the project is that a website should not only be as informative as possible, but also carry the positive momentum because positive emotions motivate a person much stronger than the fear of the disease.
    I named the project "four steps", because there are 4 directions that can help us be healthier:
    environment, food, mind and sport.
    This project was created to collect all the helpful information about healthy life and researches in the field of oncology. The idea of the puzzle came from the idea of collecting and connecting. Many of us know a lot about healthy lifestyle. But often we can not imagine how little things can change our lifes, our quality of life, our health. When we collect puzzle, we can see the whole picture, and when we collect pieces of knowledge we also can see the whole picture. That`s where the puzzle shape came from.
    The shape of the puzzles is based on the idea of using the square as an object with four equal sides. The square in this case symbolises the four directions in which people are asked to change their lives for the better – food, environment, mind and sport. As the project affects a rather complicated problem, it was important to deviate from the standard form of the puzzle, that is why this square was not divided horizontally but diagonally, so triangular shapes appeared.
  • Each of the four directions has its own main colour. The shades must be psychologically comfortable, they should be pleasant, soothing. The following colours for  the sections were chosen:
  • SITE
  • I have designed the site structure which is based on the four major sections in the four key areas: nutrition, environment, mind and sports. The information in these sections is structured according to the four types: articles, tips, tables and histories. Each partition has its own colour identity, which includes the shade of the main colour. I also created a navigation system on the sections and subsections of the site.
    For the tables section I produced series of infographics dashboards. A minimalist approach makes the dashboard easy to read and understand.
  • To create a positive image of the informational website it was important to develop a system of infographics, which would not cause boredom or emotional stress. During the work I came to the conclusion that a system of icons will match my idea: they will interrupt the boring text, and make it easier to navigate in the section.
    Here is the video presentation of the website:
  • During the work on advertising and information support of the website I came to the idea to use the same form of a puzzle, folded in a square, in interactive postcards. Thus the idea that most positive results can be obtained only by connection of several factors will be visualized. And besides, every piece of the puzzle carries information in this area. Such an approach will increase the audience interest and demonstrate that the resource can offer real solutions. Every puzzle with tips can be removed from the postcard. First of all these design elements carry an attractive element of the game, and in addition, there is the site address on each of the puzzles that will allow the user to easily find the website and information if other pieces are lost. Also a person could share these pieces with his/her friends or family. Or use it as a bookmark. 
  • The pictograms used in the posters designate one of the directions. These pictograms are created from the pattern and demonstrate the motion of the puzzles which form this picture. It is a graphical metaphor of the idea of collecting information.