Thousands Faces

  • Arty is new wave electronic musician, native of Russia, who works and creates his music in the USA. He has tight worldwide tour schedule and thousands of fans. Arty is included in the 'Top 100 DJ’ list by DJ Mag.

  • There are too many ways to create music videos, but we had the goal to create something special. ‘Stronger’ is the new Arty’s single. Vocals are provided by Ray Dalton, who is charismatic musician with amazing vocal skills. We filmed Ray Dalton singing Arty’s new single, “Stronger”, and broke it down into over 5,000 frames. Afterwards we create website, using which any user can participate in Arty’s new video.

  • 3 simple steps to become a clipstar:

  • Step 1: Сhoose your frame

  • Step 2: Imitate the singer and take a photo

  • Step 3: Submit your photo

  • Using the photos the system automatically compile the video. Without studio, camera crew, directors and cinematographers and with the help of just website and users webcams we create music video with 5000 participants.

  • While working on the project we were aiming to develop elegant, user friendly and modern website: flat design, Helvetica, all that stuff.

  • Ivan Nefedkin, creative direction
    Erohnovich Roma, art direction, design
    Georg Andreev, back-end
    Artem Legotin, front-end
    Michael Nalbandyan, front-end

    Rise Up Agency
    Mikhail Mazunov, CEO, Artist Manager
    Kate Mircha, Artist Development Manager
    Maxim Flyantikov, copywriter

    Made in radugadesign