Infographic: The Life of a Star

  • The Life of a Star: details  (Flowchart structure) 
    This is an infomation design work which is focusing on the Evolution Process of a Star. 
    I have been holding the memory of how a star from birth to death which I had learnt from a science book for children since I was a child.
    It's really impressed to me because it is all about a star, a thing that is much bigger than our earth even sun.
    And what's more interesting is that the star, that we can see today, perhaps already died or evoluted into another stage at the same time. That means what we see is the history acturally, because of the super long distance between star and us, another consciousness of time,space, and life.
    Thus, I would like to elaborate the process of a star's life in a logical and visualizing graphic way, to help people read and understand the brief step and the change of a star's life. Of course, this project is also for myself, for my love and respectation to the star and childhood.
  • Life Of A Star:   print version    (loop structure) 
    Size: 28.5 * 26 in