Rebranding - Rupchanda Soyabean Oil

  • Rupchanda, the “numero-uno” in the branded edible oil category, was lanched in 1996. In just over a decade, Rupchanda has almost single-handedly transformed the soyabean oil category and taken steps to sensitize the nation about the vitality of staying fit and healthy. Then, in 2012, Rupchanda soyabean oil has further revolutionized itself by successfully fortifying Vitamin A. Rupchanda is the first, and so far the only Vitamin A fortified soyabean oil, under “Vitamin A fortification project” of MOI, Govt. of Bangladesh, under technical support from Unicef.
    Rupchanda Fortified Soyabean Oil has been awarded as “the best edible oil brand” in Best Brand Award for four consecutive years, since the inception of the award. In 2013, Rupchanda Fortified Soyabean Oil also secured 4th place in top 30 brands of Bangladesh, across all categories.
    In this personal project i try to give its logo a modern and minimal look. This project is in no way related to the company or any other person. Thank you for watching! :)