KING BRAVADO — Self titled album

  • King Bravado is a Trieste based stoner/doom combo. Their music is violent and distorted. The tracks featured on this album are pure wilderness: an explosion of rough guitars, pungent vocals and massive bass lines. A mix between Black Sabbath and Kyuss sound. A mastodontic music talking about the mysterious. Decibels and screaming, this is the reign of the King Bravado. Unexplained vibrations of extremity got to be wrapped in wilfully out-of-genre-clichés packaging. A black digipack to enclose black sort of music. Not bloody or splatter images, no. Just an impressive white mark including a crown on the front cover, slab + monospaced fonts lettering in the back cover. Geometry in antihitesis of chaos. Designed with the idea of a cage to contain the beast. There are just some simple graphic elements on the outside artwork, as a warning: open the box and unleash the brutality! And well, once opened there is — in the inside digipack — a vortex of optical illustrations that accompanies you in the listening of the damned music, creating a conceptual link among sound and graphic design.

  • Technical details:

    Offset CMYK 4+1/4+1 print on 300 gsm extra-white cardboard (digipack). Silkscreen Pantone Process Black (2x over-printed) over a white silkscreen background-color (wide, on the CD label).