ShoeBox 2015 Campaign

    Every corner of Box city represent a different person and every person has a place. 
  • This urban basketball court lies beneath the highpasses that run through the city, It's a place for sports, it's a place where you can play Futbol (Soccer) in the shade or shoot a few hoops wjile listening to some music. 
  • Near the outskirts of the city we can trek eneath bridges find hidden streams and explore the forest from where we can still see the cuty. If you've found this corner you know that no fence can hold you back
  • The center greets you with its lights and music, it's a place to dance and have fun under the neon haze crossing alleys and going jumping from club to club.
  • Before reaching the outskirts you may find the teenage wasteland, an official skatepark with no one to stop you from taking your skills to the limit.
  • As the sun comes up you may find yourself in baytown a place where you can hit the pool and the beach without lossing touch with the urban landscape.