• Old School
    Old School (Старая Школа) company specializes in restoring engineering documentation and re-creating furniture of russian classicism era, 17-19 centuries, using contemporary technologies and methods.
    In russian classicism era there was a search for bew canons and principes of art but it was inspired by the art of Ancient Greece and classical antiquity. Masters have rediscoevered those principes and used them to create contemporary designs and masterpieces. This story of rediscovering technologies and art is the foundation of the corporate branding.
    Old School logo represents "rediscovering technology" by following the construction of a greek Ionic order volute. Some of the construction lines were stylized and left visible. Construction method was described by the renaissance architector Giacomo da Vignola in his written work "Canon of the five orders of architecture".
    Recreating this art and its proportions in its scientific, mathematical form conveys a necessary message to the audience.
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