Blahblahfire - Logo and Identity Design

  • I created this identity for Blahblahfire, a new mobile software development company.
    With the company’s name being what it is, I chose to focus on the “fire” term when developing the logo and logotype.
    Following lots of sketching and experimentation, the logo below is the end result.
    Feel free to check out the pages of my sketchbook as well as some of the versions of the logo HERE.
  • The logo, as mentioned previously, uses fire as the motivation. With there being no shortage of flame and fire inspired logos, I needed the logo shape to be distinctive to not only stand alone but also to separate it from any others that may be out there.
  • The logotype is written using Avant Garde Gothic that I modified to add slightly rounded edges to the lettering as well as a modified the "e" finial. Also, the tittle over the "i" is actually rectangular in Avant Garde. I rounded it out to fit the roundness of the flame logo as well as the other letter forms.
  • Since this logo would rarely be printed and probably seen on smaller screens, it was important that the design of the logo easily scaled to smaller sizes without losing fidelity.
  • The logo's proportions.
  • The logo with lockup proportions.
  • I used a complimentary color scheme with a compatible grey and a “not black” for use with text.
    Feel free to check out my other work and reach out.