Pachangato - Un Lindo Gatito Exhibition

  • "Un Lindo Gatito" collective exhibition
    -About the exhibition - 
    The exhibition consisted on giving each artist a Fortune Cat (Maneki-Neko) so the could use it as a canvas to put their unique graphic style.
    - Place -  
    Qüid, espacio de co-creación
    - Line-up - 
    Merce Aycinena, Sheyda Sabetian, Ronald Díaz, Zapatoverde, Ale Ro, Renato Barrios, Serge, Dalthony, Marinés Santos, G1ft3d, Kuul Kidd, Mr. Krazy Man, Kebin & Kevin, Luis Pinto & Hope Azul.
    -About the Fortune Cat -
    "Pachangato" is a custom-made fortune cat (also known as Maneki-Neko) who loves to party & have fun, giving people abundance and lucky on its way. For this piece I used fabric, acrylic & oil-based markers.