XYPI Branding & Packaging

  • Douglas Engelbart, the creator of what we now know as the computer mouse originally named it the XY Position Indicator, however before going to market, it was branded “Mouse” for consumer friendliness.
    This project began with 2 questions:
    “What if the product’s original name had been retained? how could it have been branded in a way that would have been accessible to the consumer?”
  • Through abbreviating the full name to simply XY P.I. this opened the door to brand & advertise the product with a clever, more catchy nickname pronunciation “Zippy”.
  • The retro futuristic tone of the advertising is reminiscent of the early days of personal computing, when tech design was indicative of the new fronteir of personal computing, bringing a fresh, bright and dynamic aesthetic.
  • Meanwhile the logo brings a straightforward and bold approach, provoding strong contrast to balance the playful & etheral style of the advertising campaign.