Paper is Part of the Picture

  • A glimpse into the Strathmore Archives.
    From 1900 to 1930 American paper companies, slowly shifted from selling paper as a commodity to promoting it as an essential design element. Strathmore Paper, one of the two firms leading this effort, relied almost exclusively on well-known designers, illustrators and typographers to show printers how paper was more than a substrate, but an element on a par with illustrations and type.
    Paper is Part of the Picture was published to coincide with a presentation by artist and historian Paul Shaw at the 2015 How Design Live conference. The catalog features work by Will Bradley, T.M. Cleland, Adolph Treidler, Helen Dryden and Lucien Bernhard and gives a small glimpse into this powerful collection of design, illustration, lettering and paper promotion.
    Work for the archives also included ads, posters and display panels.
    The catalog was produced in partnership with Blurb.