UX Design / Research

  • Here is a behind the scenes look into the planning and testing involved in my UX process.
  • A user's path is mapped for optimal accessibility and comprehension.
  • Analytics including page views, bounce rates, and user flows must be carefully tracked in orer to capitalize on user patterns.
  • The app or site must be mapped from a God's-eye-view to ensure an accessible and intuitive environment.
  • Every aspect of user flow must be accounted for including user errors and outlier decisions. 
  • Usability reviews may appear tedious, however, offer crucial information for optimal design.
  • Wireframes of any site or application serve to interact with and better understand the process the user will encounter.
  • Prototypes are useful in exploring the app or site, on everything from a smartphone to a widescreen television, in order to better understand user interactions on all screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems.
  • Use cases with fictional characters based on your target audience are extremely helpful in evaluating interactions with the user.
  • Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn about how I work!