Sculpture Walk Peoria

  • Design Team: Callie Lack, Linsey Whitlock, Tianzhe He
    Client: Sculpture Walk Peoria
    March 2015
    Brand identity created for Sculpture Walk Peoria, an organization that was established to celebrate the successful transformation of the Peoria Warehouse District and to make the region even more approachable and appealing to residents and visitors primarily by placing sculptures in the downtown area. 
    Our team decided to tackle this task with the creation of a bright and colorful color palette and logo which we believed would contrast nicely with the old, worn bricks of the Warehouse District. Our style also incorporated the use of large, geometric shapes that bleed off the edges of our deliverables in order to highlight the more geometric nature of the sculptures that are currently under review for the initiative. 
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  • Outdoor Media: Billboard and Lamp Post Banner
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