The NeuroCog Collective

  • Founded by Cory Miller, research professor at UCSD (at the time affiliated with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore), The NeuroCog Collective’s primary goal is to bring researchers from both the cognitive and neural sciences together with a shared vision that will help to unify the study of mind and brain.

    For their inaugural meeting, I created an attractive and professional identity package, pieces that not only would promote the conference, but also visually portray the merging of these two scientific disciplines and help invitees to better envision the conference possibilities.

    Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Logo

    Collaborator: Derrick Tittsworth
  • The NeuroCog logo represents the seemless merging of the two scientific disciplines (neurological and cognitive). The colors play on the energy of the conference, while the rounded typeface gives a nod to the casual atmosphere. Who said brainy science couldn't be fun as well? 
  • Each invitee received an invitation with their name printed on it, highlighting the exlucivity of the meeting.
  • Since its inaugural meeting, The NeuroCog Collective has become a forum for the brightest minds in science to spur insightful collaborations, helping to advance scientific research of the mind and brain. Being invited to present is seen as a prestigious honor as the conference size is still intentionally kept small. Many attendees keep their invitations as a keepsake, showcasing their name and association with the conference in pride.