Client: Coffeebar
    One sunny day a long while ago, Greg Bucheister fought his way through a dream where a lion was born. Although now known for his charisma, ideas and hard working persona, Giuseppe was not always this way. Giuseppe, the lion, is a fictional persona working as a mascot for Coffeebar which has become a community hub for friends and families to gather and enjoy C1 grade cappuccinos with a slice of Italian lifestyle.
  • We helped tighten Coffeebar’s visual experience, designed a responsive website, and improved the user experience.
  • We designed small graphic treatments and sprinkled them throughout the menu system and website to convey key sustainable practices and Coffeebar service features.
    Yep, against the grain with a left hand navigation system. Always mixing it up at OLAB. Accessible from your mobile phone most anytime except when your battery dies.

  • Location, location, we draw them just to make sure you know what to look for while en route.