Tollbugata 8

  • We brew the business culture of tomorrow.
    By connecting Tollbugata 8A with 8B we create a meeting point, a talking point, discussing the property prospectus with the new potential clients. Whats better than discussing it over a lunch and a beer! Our own brewed beer, connecting the buildings, the people around the table and the good talks.
    In the fall of 2016 Tollbugata 8 will stand ready. Stor-Oslo Eiendom is behind the renovation project in Kvadraturen—an Oslo district that is becoming more and more exciting. A myriad of design and advertising agencies, restaurants and boutiques are popping up, attracting more and more businesses to the area.
    Tollbugata 8 will shortly be finished with great offices spaces. With the promotion of the building, Anti has developed a visual profile that provides it a personality and branding unlike any other. Tollbugata 8 should be remembered and known as the workplace that’s brewing the business culture of tomorrow—and beer!
    –We wanted to arouse the curiosity of real estate agents in a different way.
    By handing out small gifts to the relevant stakeholders, we wanted to differentiate ourselves.
    As a symbol of Tollbugata 8 being more than just a workplace, but a place where the distinction between work and leisure is wiped out, we’ve therefore done something so unconventional as to actually brew beer. Four different types of beer for four generations in the workplace. The four-pack is a new version of the traditional prospect.
    This is an innovative communication surface where the label also contains a further description of the concept.
    The creative industry grows well where people meet, where they can chat and exchange ideas in informal settings. Tollbugata 8 is a gathering place where people, colleagues and friends share stories and experiences around the table. A building that gets people to meet and spend time together naturally.
  • The visual identity is essentially a renewal of the number eight. It consists of two intertwining circles. A symbol of the two buildings that has been turned into one. And with four different stylized interpretations of the number eight as an icon, the design profile of the entire building has been forwarded to the design of the beer package. In addition, you can also read info about Tollbugata 8 on the packaging while enjoying the house beer, which is: Pale Ale, Steam Beer, Brown Ale and Wheat Beer.

  • Along with icons and signage within the house, it also has a total profile package to create a recognizable effect.
    With the renewal of the neighborhood, Tollbugata 8 will simoultaneously be a creative hub and a natural meeting place where you can enjoy good company and good beer.

  • Concept behind the Tollbugata 8 logo. We wanted to connect the different people and environments by pulling elements together. A social meeting place for sharing ideas and thoughts.
  • Packaging