Chanel - Digital abstract

  • Last year, i was commissioned by Chanel, to create a series of abstract animations, as a part of the Digital Art Program. The task was to chose some of the established Chanel codes,
    and develop them, in an abstract and visually enticing way, but at the same time,
    with the Chanel style theme. The one chosen by me were the symbolic animals.
    Stag - renewal, sun's rays, longevity, prosperity, wealth, passing of time, the statue from Mademoiselle's apartment
    Lion - Mademoiselle's astrological sign, the Leo - represents life, ambition, pride, power
    Eagle - combativeness, freedom, power (in combination with the Mademoiselle's apartment spiral staircase, the gradual descending angle distortion)
    Not every design piece can have the potential or extention to be released into a project, not every design piece can make it to the final project, and sometimes its just a work in progress, not there yet, but still, very interesting.
    For all my projects, work in progress,unrealeased renders and designs etc.
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