CookSimple Packaging and Brand Refresh

    CookSimple™ offers an all-natural meal starter solution for a delicious alternative to mainstream prepared boxed dinners.
    When CookSimple™ decided to expand and update the packaging on their immensely successful line of mixes, they turned to OffWhite Co.
    We created a more youthful aesthetic which we achieved by providing each flavor with its own unique color; balancing the hierarchy throughout the entire package with color, callouts, and illustrations.
  • These dynamic color schemes and layouts helped bring the information and details such as steps, ingredients, content, and text, to life. The use of illustrations to represent cooking directions, as well as the accessibility of the content, helps make healthy cooking simple.

    Across the 8 entrees and the new line of complimentary side dishes, humorous text provides a tongue-in-cheek history of the dish’s origin with unexpected copy below the top flap providing additional unexpected lightheartedness.