Hunter Corporate Brand Identity System

  • Founded in 1982, Hunter Industries has quickly become one of the world's largest irrigation product manufacturers. In recent years, the company grew to include a diverse portfolio of businesses, from outdoor lighting to custom manufacturing. And further expansion is on the horizon. A new brand identity system was needed to aid the ongoing growth of the company, so that as new business units were acquired, they could easily be incorporated into the Hunter brand. I worked with a small team of inhouse professionals to research, develop,and implement Hunter's new brand identity system.

    Creative Director: Kevin Carpenter
    Lead Designers: Abby Fisher and Josie Haney

    Full credits below for additional team member contributions

  • Each business unit has its own graphic pattern, used throughout print and multimedia.
  • Sero Pro has proven to be a dynamic font for Hunter in addressing its key audiences—bold and strong for contractors while sophisticated and clean for customers such as landscape architects. Either way, the message is always professional.
  • I created an illustration style for use in internal company communications. The illustrations are inviting and colorful, and can easily be produced by multiple members of the team. In this way we all have an opportunity to have fun expressing a little creativity while staying on brand by following a few simple guidelines.
  • Photography plays a major role in the Hunter brand as it showcases Hunter product being used or installed. Photography in the field has an editorial feel, and Hunter Blue is pulled into sky to reinforce the brand color.
    Photographer: Christopher Roesinck
  • Hunter's brand is brought to life through branded video content. Above is a clip from our Field Knowledge intro and outro.
    Credit: Sean Bell, Multimedia Producer
  • Product was updated to incorporate the new brand identity.
  • A promotional T-Shirt for our contractor customer.
    Designer: Steve Sharp
  • Team Credits:
    Creative Director: Kevin Carpenter
    Lead Designers: Abby Fisher and Josie Haney
    Photography: Tom Page, Michael Derewenko, Chris Roesinck, Michelle Zurowski
    Digital Media: Silvia Moore
    Video Post-Production: Sean Bell
    Technical Illustration: Steve Cook, art direction by Abby Fisher
    Environmental Design: Abby Fisher and Josie Haney, "Great Ideas" wall by Jennifer Bonilla
    Special thanks to: Amy Wurschum, Art director, color genius, and mentor