Health & Science: Logos & Type Treatments

  • A collection of logos for clients in science and academia.
  • BabyScience was created by Wendy Hunter, a general pediatrician in the Emergency Room at Rady Chidren's Hospital and assisitant professor at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. The blog provides parents with answers for seemingly strange (yet totally normal) baby behovior.
  • Founded by Cory Miller, research professor at UCSD, The NeuroCog Collective’s primary goal is to bring researchers from both the cognitive and neural sciences together with a shared vision that will help to unify the study of mind and brain. The logo visually portrays the merging of these two scientific disciplines.
  • Developed by an associate professor and researcher at Johns HopkinsUniversity in Baltimore, panamath uses a series of blue and yellow dots that flash quickly on screen. The user’s success rate at guessing whether more blue or yellow dots appeared on the screen after a series of flashes, determines his or her number sense and approximate number systems aptitude. Fascinating because how well subjects do on this test correlates with how well they do later in life on their SATs. The logo and mark incorporate elements visible in the test itself, and appears on the panamath website.