Men Of Winter | 2015

    Men Of Winter is a publication designed around the experience of meeting somebody for the first time. With a high end appearance and tongue in cheek undertones and content, it explores the steps of a first impression experimenting with pages sizes and continually building information. The design was created to have a classy feel, but to contradict itself in being humorous, purposely pretentious, and outright ridiculous once you begin reading and considering the whole idea.
    "The first impression is everything."
    This publication is meant to deliver the first impression like you would experience in real life, you see them, but information getting down to the real them is revealed little by little. You start off with somebody else's opinions in the "reviews" just as you might have people telling you about the person. Flip the first page, and the reviews are no longer seen, nor revelant, you are assessing the obvious "specs", noticing their height, hair color, eyes, etc. As the next page is flipped, you lose the title of Specs but the information remains as you get to truly know the person.
    While inspired by a firsthand experience meeting someone and a high end style of design, it is all meant to be read completely tongue in cheek. The reviews and bios are outrageous, creating some ridiculous idea of what this person or "product" is. It is supposed to give you the impression of a high end clothing catalog, as if the clothes are for sale, but is meant to entertain you once you get to actually reading it and see that the individuals are the true product.