• I created the company of Veneto Cigars for a packaging and branding project for a three-dimensional graphic design course. Veneto is a top of the line cigar company drawing inspiration from the region of Veneto, Italy as well as the classic image of an Italian mobster. The brand was meant to create a modern style while still capturing the usual feel of century old cigar brands.
    The combination poker set and cigar box idea spurred from the typical image of mobsters gathering around for a couple stogies and some cards. When you open the sharp, clean designed box, you first see the poker set. The poker set can removed, giving the feeling there is a false bottom to the box, as if you’ve come across something hidden for a reason, much like the lives of the mobsters. The box I built and designed, made of solid oak, and lined with a high end fabric is meant to further the quality of the brand and give you the impression you’ve received the highest end product.