Tartine Bakery Cookies

  • [ Project ]
    Tartine Bakey Cookies

    [ Awards ] 
    Graphis New Talent Annual 2016
    Type Directors Club 62nd
    Creativity International Awards 45th

    [ Brief ]
    This project is a collaboration with the company, a design for new cookie package. Tartine Bakery is an artisanal bakery that specializes in bread and pastry featuring inventive flavor and texture combinations in San Francisco. Tartine always keeps the highest quality which reflects the sense of human made baked goods.

    [ Approach ] 
    After researching this company, I found Tartine Bakery has a local reputation for delicious baked goods made with organic flour and local eggs. So, I designed a series of square paper boxes with signature color for each flavor, and a cylindrical can jar for mixed flavors. When a series of square paper boxes sit side-by-side people will see the word “Legendary” which signifies Tartine’s illustrious history in San Francisco.