Personal Identity

    Graphic Designer Logo & Identity Design

    A contemporary and elegant approach towards defining my own personal identity and branding. The logo has the form of an initial: a combination of the letters "a" and "c". It is a dynamic shape emphasizing my great interest in typography and geometry. 

    The aim was to give the essence of a minimal yet playful design with great flexibility.Thus the layouts and typography are left to simplicity but the shapes are floating around. Also, the color pallet is left to black and white with flat gold giving it elegance.

    My slogan : a-patent for you. Each client, person or project is a unique opportunity to explore design, create fresh design and take a positive forward step for myself and as a result the people who confront the final design. I consider my identity as a blending of artistic virtue and graphical explanation of the world around me. Explain it in practical terms, an identity has a form that follows function and a feeling that follows the logic-the concept behind each new design.