• Nova Paints
    Nova paints steps away from the typical paint and brings a environmental‒friendly solution to the paint market. Not only is the powdered paint natural and non-toxic, but contains zero VOCs, volatile organic compounds. Nova paints is convenient, long lasting and completely biodegradable.
    The challenge for this project was to retain Novas natural and ethical stance but also create a packaging that would function well for the product and communicate quality. As a solution Novas packaging is made out of recyclable cardboard tubes and sustainability sourced wood. The rich colors of the paint appear on the cylindrical packaging, and a small accent of natural wood offsets the hues and gets consumers excited to start their own painting projects on the walls of their home. When you open the packaging the top part slopes down creating a scoop that allows for easy pouring. In addition to the paint packaging I created a paint kit that come with the vital tools needed for interior paint projects.
    Thank You!