Title Sequence: Book of Irwin

  • "Whenever a great idea is threatened by poor execution,
    adjust your approach."
    This is the philosophy that defines this project. As a connoisseur of title sequences, naturally, I wanted my own to be great. However, during production, technical and logistical issues krept in that affected the quality of the project. It began to look as though quality would be lacking, so I decided to take an alternative creative direction.
    Instead of a poker game, my characteres and I would be placed in our own animated shots of classic paintings. These looked great, and had a natural fit with the theme of Book of Irwin. But the idea of the title portraying a high-stakes game of poker still resonated. I decided to do what I had to do to make the title possible. The shots of each character and their paintings would later be used as header graphics on BookOfIrwin.com.
    Instead of filming the live action and adding the characters in post as I had done originally, I had a friend show me how to set up the scene in Cinema 4D. In Cinema, I added images of the background, table texture, playing cards, and myself. Then came the beer bottles, animated smoke effects, and the 2D characters which are rigged in Toon Boom Animate Pro 3. Slow keyframing of certain objects and virtual cameras allowed for the timelapse-style shots that make up the piece. 
    To add the finishing touches, the shots were edited and color graded in Final Cut Pro. Light leaks, bokah effects, and the logo were added in Motion.
    The payoff is that no religion is favored over another, except when I win the hand. Despite our different views and backgrounds, all of us are presented as the dysfunctional, quirky family we are. This project taught me a valuable lesson: if an idea is good, find a way to make it a reality. I consider the idea of a poker scene much more complimentary to the Book of Irwin brand, and a better way to set the tone of each episode. Another lesson I learned was that an idea can be repurposed. Even though this project had many ups and downs, it made me a more efficient designer.