TV 2 Humor Identity

    TV 2 Humor Visual Identity
  • TV 2 Humor
    - Just for fun!

    TV2 Humor is a comedy channel presenting ridiculously funny american comedies and entertaining talk shows such as Modern Family, New Girl and Jimmy Fallon. The channel is Norway´s first and only 24 hour humour channel with a simple goal of making you laugh. No more, no less. Whenever you want a break from a hectic and stressful day, you can simply just switch on TV 2 Humor to de-stress and laugh. In short, TV2 Humor is the channel you go when you need a good laugh - whether you´re on the bus home or chilling with your cat on the couch. It´s basically just time well wasted.
  • Brand identity.

    So, how can an American inspired comedy channel be visualised in TV2´s Norwegian visual universe?

    First of all the visuals are bold, direct, colourful and always expressing an iconic cool attitude. All the visual elements are always instant, intuitive and easy to understand. There´s no lost in translation feeling here. Secondly, the brand identity translates the «American way» as a feeling through a certain high pace and rhythm. The music profile is urban, modern, funky and fresh. We are not afraid of overdoing it, actually it is other way around; We want to be LOUD & PROUD throughout the whole brand identity.
  • Big idea

    The visual concept is based on something as simple as a cursor, which all of us know as the starting point for all digital communication. The big idea becomes evident specifically through how the cursor acts, moves and behaves. It can split, highlight, start, create, erase, remove and mark text content on all promo flow and idents.

    It can also be used to highlight statements or stress quotes. The cursor can be a real troublemaker or just a game changer that messes up content and quotes from the shows on the channel. It can also be used to kickstart a chain reaction of different visual elements and promote playfulness.
  • Tone of voice


    TV2 Humor´s personality is a bold dude that loves to make people laugh. He´s  your funny buddy that loves to challenge and be straightforward in the way he acts and speaks. The language is never on auto nor is formal. It is richly flavoured, different and thus very unexpected. TV2 Humor are never afraid of exploring, having fun and being silly. We are never never never ever afraid of being incorrect. Our mantra is «fail harder»!