research: the knowhere road kit

  • the knowhere road kit
    Finding New Ways to Teach Wayfinding
  • An investigation into how to teach wayfinding design without boring students to tears. Or, more professionally stated, teaching how context and behavior influence navigation.

    Knowhere started as an observation that contemporary wayfinding design tends to focus on signage layout over how people might actually move through a space. In an attempt to educate undergraduate students of architecture, interior design, and graphic design on issues concerning wayfinding usage, an emersive education model needed to develop.

    Recent iterations include a revised teaching environment, currently living at
  • To accomodate this, a studio workshop was designed, co-run with John Humphries of Miami University. A study abroad program looking at architecture and spaces within multiple Italian cities and towns developed, for which a road kit of documentation supplies was designed.
  • Assignments had students look at elements within the context that might inform navigational decisions, but also had them watch how people moved in and around spaces.

    Students used the kits to develop their own projects, based on assignments provided within the kit itself, and to investigate their surroundings, making their own discoveries of how people move and orient themselves.