Lettering and Logotype

  • Below is a collection of lettering a Logotype. Some where make with Ilustrator, some with Photoshop, and some where hand lettered with pen and paper, though all have gone through some sort of digital optimization. Some also have multiple versions, because I couldn't choose which I liked best.
  • "Relief" I sensation I am often in pursuit of.
  • Two versions of "Catarina" I am a fan of the more antiquated turn of the century style of design, with all it's unnesceary lines, accents and glyphs. This a simplified modern homage to the kind of label you might expect to see on an old bottle of "tonic." The original version was drawn with pen and paper, the second was made in illustrator to show the versatilty a single piece can have.
  • a subtle "hello"
  • if you didn't already know, my name is "Taylor Jean" and I like lettering.
  • Here is the landing page for my website, www.heytay.us
  • Shiny gold pens make every lettering project a little more fun.
  • This bold lettering was designed for valentines, I put a brown paper background behind the letters because this piece was designed to be printed onto re-purposed grocery bags.