SLDW: Branding, Web Design, & Motion Graphics

  • SLDW: Branding, Web Design, & Motion Graphics
    Salt Lake Design Week is an annual six-day celebration of all things design and its impact on our local community. The broad range of events includes workshops, lectures, studio tours, and presentations. This year, the local chapter of AIGA (the hosting organization) asked Jibe to design the branding and website for the fourth annual event. The challenge here was to develop an interesting and unique look and feel using an existing logo. Because SLDW has a new look every year, the branding needed to stand out from that of the previous and forthcoming year's. Additionally, SLDW is very inclusive of all design industries, including organizations and participants from graphic design to fashion design, and everywhere in between. The design needed to be broad enough so as to not disinclude any discipline of design, yet focused enough so that it was clearly design-driven. Our solution is based on the one constant of SLDW: the logo. Using its underlying angles and grid system, we were able to build out an angular checkerboard pattern. This pattern became the foundation of the entire brand, emerging as a primary element throughout both physical and digital environments. To bring it closer to home, we integrated photos and videos of downtown Salt Lake City with the pattern, creating a very dynamic and artistic view of our community. 

    Sam DeMastrie: Art Direction, Website Design
    Elise Bowen: Icon Design, Animation
    Joel Farr: Website Programming
    Ken Messenger: Website Programming
    Greg Lowe: Copywriting