{ t } telegraphe cafe

    This is a re-design project for Telegraphe Cafe locating at Chelsea,
    New York City. Emphasizing the conversations and human relations people have in the cafe, the project uses only typography and punctuation, the brackets, to create a new identity in bringing back the simplicity and
    characters Telegraphe has for its own.
    {typography} Goudy Old Style
    {colors} C60M45Y30K5   C30M25Y30K0   C30M11Y15K0  
             C38M38Y30K0   C42M30Y27K0   C30M60Y52K5 
  • {design collaterals}
  • cup,cup sleeve,stirrer
  • beverage plug
  • cookie bag
  • deli wrap
  • telegraphe lunch bag
  • utensils package 
  • coaster and memo pad (backside)