Design Briefs: Uniting Design and Entreprenuership

  • Good ideas make vibrant communities—and great conversations.
    In early 2014, after a series of conversations with would-be future collaborators, Chris Koens and Jon Carfagno, a cross functional team from the Grand Rapids Art Museum and AIGA West Michigan's Design For Good committee came together to produce Design Briefs – a recurring event series focused on design, entrepreneurship and social impact.
  • At each event, we currated three entrepreneurs with budding business ideas to give us the five minute overview, and ask what they believed was their most pressing challenge.
  • Creativity Cube was a standout from the June event, which continues to make great progress. Learn more here:
  • A panel of experts in design, business and the intersection of the two.
  • The audience and panelists were then invited to join individual breakout sessions, facilitated by Visual Hero and focused on unraveling the challenges associated with each presentors project.