Volkswagen Dealer Digital

  • Volkswagen Dealer Network
    Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Germany

    Lead Design, UI, UX, Art Direction

    As is often the case with automotive brands, Volkswagen has the struggle of having their product transferred to the consumer through an independent middleman: the dealer.  This often means sacrificing control of the visual manifestations of VW to the whim of the dealer.  

    In an effort to both provide the dealer with useful tools and take back control of brand-related communications, Volkswagen sought to create a new communication channel between VW dealers and their customers. Volkswagen partnered with Outsell to tailor a digital communication platform inkeeping with the VW ethos.  I was commissioned by Outsell to work on the communication architecture from a visual standpoint, as a steward of the Volkswagen brand.

  • The results were a responsive, mobile optimized, dealer-friendly campaign of email templates and landing pages whose content was in lockstep with the Volkswagen brand.  All of this was served to the dealers through a custom CMS that could easily be managed and manipulated by the dealer while still maintaining the integrity of the iconic VW brand.

    Dealer response to this initiative was overwhelmingly positive.  In response, Volkswagen green-lit the platform from a limited dealer test to a nationwide offering.

    Copywriter: Christopher Hill
    Created in partnership with Outsell