Sewol Ferry Commemoration (세월호)

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  • Sewol Ferry Incident Commemoration Cards (2014)
    Cards 5.5"x 3.5" | Adobe Illustrator
  • *KakaoTalk is the most commonly used messenger in Korea. The number 1 shown next to KakaoTalk messages are a signifier that the recipient has not yet seen the message. When the 1 disappears, the recipient has received and seen the message.
  • 내가잘못한거있으면 다용서해줘
    If I’ve wronged any of you forgive me
  • 형 보고싶어요.
    bro I miss you.
  • ...언니가 말야. 기념품 못 사올거같아.. 미안해..
    ..I don’t think I’ll be able to buy the souvenirs for you.. I’m sorry..
  • ...? 그게무슨?
    ...? What do you mean?
  • 사랑한다..
    I love you..
  • 나도 아들.. 사랑한다.
    Me too son.. I love you.
  • October 2014