• June 2013, artist Marisa Green exhibited a show of cut paper works at Gallery 135, including a collaborative portrait series with photographer Christian Columbres. At the center of these pieces was "Intersect," a 8’x3’x5’ suspended paper installation. Two isosceles tetrahedron shapes hung suspended in mid air, intersecting at the center point. These shapes were made up of over 1,850 individually suspended paper pyramids. Like two people crossing paths in life, these shapes independent of one another, were represented by two different shades of gray. At the point of intersection, a kaleidoscope of color emerged, symbolizing a coalescence of the two forms. These two energies forever alter one another. The lessons and memories remain, while the point of merger, the experience of meeting, is impermanent and the journey continues. 

    Gallery 135, June 2013

    Intersect / 5.4 x 3.4 x 8.4 ft. suspended installation / acid-free paper, glue, acrylic, nylon thread / 2013 Photo © Christian Columbres