• Kontinuum

    kontinuum is a cycle in three parts: Anticipation, manifestation and reflection. The longing for one’s object of desire is replaced by a complete absorption and ends with the disappointing realization of not having fulfilled one’s aspirations. As soon as we arrive, the moment turns into history. We are left with a void. A cycle that repeats itself endlessly. The images here, culled from a dancer’s sweeping actions, try to preserve these moments. But this only remains an effort and is set up for failure. With each step the dancer erases what has previously been established. Each move builds and transforms the ground she walks on. Each trace is replaced by another.

    192 pages + 6 inserts/ 8.25”x 6”, Includes sleeve with blind emboss, Sewn bound & offset printed
    Edition of 500 / Numbered, The book can be bought here

    Dance Performace by Lynsey Peisinger