Golden Age of the Circus

  • The Golden Age of the Circus
    A Paper engineered book concept that focuses on the history of the circus in America, specifically the "Golden Age of the Circus" (1850 to 1905).
    Background: Step Right Up! America's love affair with the circus has lasted for over 200 years. It outlasted the minstrel show, the medicine show and vaudeville. It glitters with spangles, smells of fresh sawdust and excited animals, tastes like peanuts and popcorn, and sounds like an old-time calliope. The 1850s ushered in the golden age of the circus. By 1852, about 30 circuses were touring the US. Most had menageries. The circus was the country’s most popular form of entertainment because its traveling shows went to the people and often gave them the only entertainment they had all year. Competition among the various circuses created this golden age, as each circus tried to outdo the others with a show more spectacular than circusgoers had ever seen.
  • Finished Tents, with guides for where to fold/cut
  • Pop up spread
  • Back cover, front cover, and spine