Automate - BMW Hackathon App

  • I designed and built an Android and iOS app for the 2015 BMW Hack The Drive hackathon using Ionic mobile front-end SDK.
    The Automate App uses If-This-Then-That style rules to improve the EV driving and ownership experience:
    - If car battery level is low, find a EV charging station
    - If car battery level is full, send user a message
    - If car is near favorite station, auto reserve the next available time
    - If car battery level is low, flash Hue lights red 
    If you like the idea check out Road Rules,
    (The Road Rules (@RoadRulesApp) team built all the intelligence for the EV rules and actions.)
  • We used the ChargePoint API to find parking near the current location. The app uses the Geofensing feature of the BMW car API to auto reserve a EV station when the car is close to a favorite station.
  • The user creates a list of favorite stations that can be reserved on-the-fly or used to create Rules. 
  • Station information is retrieved from the ChargePoint API.
  • Users create Rules where Actions are based upon Events, such as Battery Level is low.