Water.org illustration - "Cheers"

  • Last year i was contacted by VML ad agency to contribute an artwork inspired by my culture and country to Water.org, a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving everyone access to safe water and improved sanitation. I am honoured to be selected as the artist from Bangladesh. So lets raise a glass and say Cheers to the generous people who give back to the world. :)

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  • The Idea
    The idea was to create an abstract artwork by using patterns, textures, shapes that has been inspired and represent Bangladesh and its culture as a whole. My Concept was to create an artwork inspired by the cultural design style called "Alpona" That is widely used in our country for festivals and even decorations. Alpona ranges from abstract shapes to leaves, flowers, scenery and many more.

    My aim was to create an Alpona inspired illustration, in my style, with geometry.
  • Started with the base circling the concept of water.
  • Visualizing the final output, initially in red and white color.
  • Making it colorful.
  • Completing the base.
  • Making it "Low-Poly".
  • Final output.
  • Hope you liked my work. Be sure to check out the Campaign Page right here and donate if you can!
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  • Don't Forget to appreciate! :)