MDC - My Dance Crew Identity

  • Mitt Dansecrew - My Danse Crew
    This national television series will be aired on TV2 in winter 2015  and is self-developed by ANTI Tv & TV2.
    ”My Dance Crew” is an exciting new concept series that gives 8 of the country’s biggest celebritiesa chance to join their own
    dance crew. Each dance crew is made up of the country’s most talented and cutting edge dancers, and will be essential in
    orchestrating each remarkable performance.
    They are also responsible for transforming the celebrities into full-fledged dance crew members. Over the course of eight
    weeks they will be competing to make the best possible dance performance LIVE in the studio every week.
    We have several shows in development - and more upcoming shows airing on Tv2 and NRK in 2015.
    Photography: Pål Laukli
    3D Design: Bjørn Myreze
    Production: ANTI TV
    Photography style
    The thought behind the style of photography is to “collect” the dancers and look at the movements from a new perspective.
    As a recognizable element, photos of different dancers in motion are placed on top of each other, so that they merge together into a dynamic and energetic shape, with the person in focus in front. Examples of this usage include showing the contestants in front of their respective crews
  • Making the MDC logo dance
    By making the icon dance, you add a recognisable human form and a sense of life to it.
    The icon can be a tool that you can use to add recognizability, and increase attention to the brand. The icon is a flexible part of the identity, and can be used for various purposes. Examples include vignettes, animations and promos.
  • Digital platforms - Voting App
    My Dance Crew represents something new and innovative that
    tries to get people enthusiastic about dance. The show aims at
    making people excited to participate and vote for their favorites.