Interflow Design Conference

  • Interflow Design Conference
    San Francisco 2015

    Interflow Design Conference is a design talk that gathers people in different fields to share their creativity. The speakers are not only from fields of design and visual arts, but also includes people who are in the music industry, podcast media, publication, and industrial design to create an inspirational event and let the idea flow together. By using design elements such as circles, stripes, and different colors to represent different creative ideas that interflow together and become the holistic design system.

    This work was made for the class: Type System “Design Conference” project, its goal was to create a hypothetical conference and use consistent visual system throughout different deliverables and think of the real situations of designing for a conference. 

    Interflow設計論壇 2015 舊金山

  • A School Project at Academy of Art University
    Course—Type Systems
    Instructor—John Nettleton
    Category—Event Design, Visual System, Typography
    Year— Fall 2014