• Full Circle is a brand that uses sustainable packaging for light bulbs and batteries.
    The name represents products that are used and recycled by consumers, hence, they come full circle. The packaging has no adhesive, and uses clear language directing consumers on how to recycle Full Circle products. Research shows that consumers are more likely to recycle when it is convenient, offers incentive, or supports a cause. In order to meet these needs, Full Circle products are sold and recycled at Target, discounts are given, and a percentage of sales supports sustainable packaging and recycling programs.
  • Here are pictures showing my process.
  • Based on an earlier version of the battery box, the template was altered to hold 2 CFL light bulbs. This box proved to be much simpler, and thus not as many adjustments were needed.
  • Gray canson paper was used, keeping the sustainable look while steering away from the brown paper that is usually associated. Below you can see the difference between ink jet  (on the right) and laser jet (on the left).