Palmolive Complete Kitchen

  • Palmolove Complete Kitchen
    Package Design for a new soap product
  • This piece consists of two concepts for a new product by Palmolive: one to be released quickly with their current bottle shape and a second to be released as the product catches on. Our group won first place against five other teams in a competition judged by Palmolive representatives and our professors.

    The Complete Kitchen name explains to consumers that the product completes the kitchen chores efficiently by cleaning the whole kitchen with one product. The graphics are meant to be minimal to showcase the soap inside and encourage customers to leave the bottle right on their counter.

    I worked with Daniela Caicedo (GD), Terra McAndrews (ID), Tiffany Hwang (ID), Courtenay Coopers (Packaging Science), and Aditya Nallur (Packaging Science).

    View our presentation.